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Mike Phoutrides

Primary Weight Loss Guide |
Nutrition and Wellness Advocate

BA – Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, Colorado University at Boulder

Mike served six years in the United States’ military in the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program onboard the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. After receiving an honorable discharge in 2015, he pursued his passion for how food, exercise, and lifestyle affect the human body at the cellular level by studying Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduating in 2019, and already having two years of success helping people take control of how they look, he made the decision to let his whole life’s mission be science-backed, common sense guidance for helping struggling, frustrated dieters achieve longterm weight loss.

As the owner of Cornerstone Weight Loss and one who has struggled controlling his weight in the past, Mike works directly with every client to help them truly understand how food affects their body in a common sense way that puts them in control of how they look.

Mike currently resides in Clearwater, Florida and helps people like you all across the United States create a targeted weight loss program, or enhance the program you are currently using, to achieve longterm success.

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“In less than 5 months I’ve lost 37 pounds. My shirt size has gone down one, pant/shorts down two sizes…Michael has been extremely helpful and awesome! He’ll definitely teach you what you need to know and will be there every step of the way!”

Yanitsa Cervantes
Boulder, CO

“I was proud of the progress that I made and I actually had a program for the first time in my life that did work. I feel that I now know how to change my weight for the better. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”

Nico T.
Castle Rock, CO

“Love yourself enough to do it. Love every step of it because this journey has been just as good as each destination/goal I have set and hit for myself and it will be for you too. You’re not alone. Mike will be there with you every step of the way.”

Jacobo Toledo
Bakersfield, CA

Cornerstone Weight Loss is a leading health and nutrition training company that helps people better understand how food affects their body in a common sense way that puts them in control of how they look, forever.
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To empower you with a clear understanding of how food uniquely affects your body, in a common sense way, that enables you to have complete control over how you look - for life.

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