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December 28, 2021by Mike Phoutrides0

You’re probably thinking that this article is unnecessary and is completely obvious. If you’re one of the lucky ones who honestly feels that way, feel free to disregard this. However, if you currently have a phobia concerning certain foods, we get it; keep reading.

1. It’s probably not your fault you fear food

If you’ve read various books on weight loss you’ve probably seen a pattern emerge and if you haven’t yet, you will after reading this. Yo-yo Diet Profiteers follow a persuasive formula that is old as time: they create a narrative in which you are your own story’s protagonist on a quest to lose weight, some evil-doing food group has been foiling your plans with the help of the even more evil pushers of that food, and this Yo-yo Diet Profiteer’s magic bullet is here to save you. Sound familiar?

2. Your very real and completely understandable frustration with weight loss has led you to seek answers

Having a problem and needing help is nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, having a legitimate need for weight loss and mistakenly going to a Yo-yo Diet Profiteers who leads you astray for profit is a common occurrence. Additionally, It looks like these snake oil salesman seem to do more damage to your mental state than your wallet. This is going to sound extremely simplistic and it may even be insulting to you, but If you’ve been following one of these charlatans and you have been led into an irrational fear of food, you have permission to extinguish that fear right now. From previous experience of fulfilling the mission to help people like you better understand how food affects your body in a common sense way that puts you in control of how you look, it seems like coming to the realization that the desire of achieving your weight loss goal has gotten you to a state of vulnerability. Yo-yo Diet Profiteers have learned to take advantage of your vulnerable state and may have manipulated you into creating an unhealthy fear of certain foods. Equipping yourself with this knowledge can be the mental shift you need to begin the process of dropping the fear, achieving your weight loss goals, and taking your life back.

3. Your body really doesn’t care if it’s a Big Mac or a salad

You’re going to think this is too basic. You’re going to think back to those guys in lab coats on the late night infomercial who barraged you with very believable claims and be very skeptical of what you’re about to read. You may even think that this article exists to discourage you. 

Looking at the big picture, it seems like your body gains or loses weight based on energy balance. Putting it very simply, if you eat less than you expend in energy on average, you’ll lose weight. If you eat those foods that you fear and the total energy balance is consistently negative over a period of time, you’ll lose weight. Read that statement one more time, then again, and again, until it really sinks-in.

4. Yo-yo Diet Profiteers create a negative energy balance by default by restricting what you eat using fear-based tactics and pseudo-science

Sounds like a pretty bold and damning statement, however it’s just something that is too accurate to be ignored. Let’s quickly discuss this using an example: the low carb diet. Removing or severely limiting an entire macronutrient will inevitably result in a caloric deficit most often because you’re inefficient in using other macronutrients to meet your dietary needs. 

Click here to understand what a macronutrient is. (https://cornerstoneweightloss.com/nutrition/which-macronutrients-are-best-for-weight-loss/). 

The trickery of the Yo-yo Diet Profiteers is found in correlating your seemingly magical weight loss to the elimination or severe restriction of carbohydrate from you diet. Looking at this from a different angle, this dishonest correlation is meant to lead you to believe that carbohydrate was your problem all along, rather than a consistent caloric surplus (overeating on a normal basis). All of a sudden, you find yourself avoiding the bread aisle, calling foods you enjoy “cheat foods,” and developing a mental and physical punishment cycle for when you inevitably indulge in your newfound seductive mortal enemy. 

Again, this is your permission to stop this destructive thought-process right now. If you need help seeing the bigger picture and would like to speak with a professional about this, click here.

If Yo-yo Diet Profiteers were actually looking out for your weight loss success they would not instill fear in you, instead they would equip you develop skills to understand how food affects your body in a common sense way that will put you in control of how you look.

A good rule of thumb is that if someone is trying to use fear to get you to run from foods that mankind has been eating since the beginning of Creation, they’re probably trying to manipulate you into shelling out money for their snake oil. There’s nothing new under the sun here, health consciousness has been around for thousands of years and crafty fear mongers have been trying to sell the shortcut since the beginning. 

Let’s not be fooled by modern-day marketing, especially when the right information is right at your fingertips. 

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