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February 8, 2022by Mike Phoutrides0

In an effort to help you better understand how food affects your body in a common sense way that will put you in control of how you look it seems like getting a view of my personal road to weight loss control will be a benefit to you. 

The first half of the story can be found here.

Before we pick up where we left off, you are owed the why behind this blog post.

*Side note: Cornerstone Weight Loss professionals will always give you the why behind everything, this is because its the only ethical way to help you through your weight loss journey.

As discussed in the first blog post of Cornerstone Weight Loss’ origins, normalizing your struggle sounds like in can go a long way in helping you achieve your weight loss goal. This is the reason for this seemingly self-serving blog post.

The story left off when I woke up out of shape, hung over, and dissatisfied knowing that I was not nearly all I could be. Perhaps you can relate. 

I decided that enough was enough and I needed help. Like you, I had no idea where or who to turn to. The selection for fitness industry professionals seems endless, and anyone who has experience with too many choices knows the plight of analysis paralysis.

I figured just taking action was the best move I could make, so picking at random a trainer who was working at my local gym was the right way to go. 

*Side note: this was one of the best choices I had ever made.

This woman began to show me how you do not have to exclude foods you enjoy eating and still achieve the weight loss you want. I was scolded when I spoke of “cheat foods” or “cheat meals.” (I do to my clients now).

“Food isn’t evil, it’s not out to get you, and you’re not married to food so how can some foods be ‘cheat’ foods?” she would say.

I love it, and use those same lines on the people I am helping now. I also really annoy some of you when I do that. 

Sorry, not sorry.

At first I was skeptical as you may be right now, and I totally get it. After all, I came off trying just about every diet you could possibly think of, demonizing certain food groups and exalting others on the whim of a Yo-yo Diet Profiteer. 

I really had no other options except to trust her (it’s amazing what being backed into a corner will do for you).

What else was I going to do?

Within the first three months I had achieved a level of weight loss I had never achieved before, and within six months I was seeing numbers on the scale I had never seen before. 

*Side note: I was well over 200 pounds and not tall since 6th grade.

Now, before we move on, I have to let you know that I’m one of those Look, Fire, Aim type guys. It’s going to seem like I’m trying to influence you to go into extreme direction with your weight loss. It may even seem like if you work with Cornerstone Weight Loss you’ll be pressured to go too far in one direction.

That being said, as I began to reach levels I had never been to before, I decided to go into natural bodybuilding. 

I mean hey, I lost like 30 pounds, why not make it 50 pounds and wear a speedo in front of strangers, right? 

Being helped by that random-trainer-turned-coach of mine during this extreme bodybuilding process developed my level of understanding a great deal. In fact, it developed my knowledge of the human body so much that it helped me in certain college classes as I was chipping away at my degree in Molecular Biology at Colorado University at Boulder. 

Being put in a competitive situation I was being coached through challenges I would have not normally faced otherwise. By asking the question, receiving the answer, and then watching and feeling my body respond, it gave me a unique perspective on how food was affecting my body. This was a common sense, realtime application of what makes weight loss happen.

After the competition 

After my first competition my coach and I were in agreement that I was more than qualified to sustain my longterm weight loss without her.

It was certainly a sad goodbye to a deep and gratifying professional relationship, however there was one last question I had for her…

“Would it be alright if I took what you showed me and use it to help others?”

Fortunately, she gave me the nod.

She also gave me an additional duh! that she never had a patent on how the body operates, however she was thankful that I asked. I am certainly thankful that she was willing to put up with my endless amounts of questions and late night texts when I was needing extra direction! 

In the end

In the end, what she taught me was a simple, common sense, straightforward approach to weight loss.

No gimmicks. 

No tricks. 

No cleanses. 

No toxin removal. 

No pills to pop.

No demonizing food groups.

Just to simply better understand how food affects my body in a common sense way that will put me in control of how I look, forever. 

At Cornerstone Weight Loss we help you better understand how food affects your body in a common sense way that will put you in control of how you look. In order to get in touch with a professional who can help tailor your weight loss plan to you, click below, fill out the information, and a member of the Cornerstone Weight Loss team will reach out to you to get the results in weight loss you deserve.

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