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September 27, 2021by Mike Phoutrides0

Imagine being in the gym for hours

Imagine being in the gym for hours, looking in the mirror, and realizing all the time you’ve spent has had no effect on how you look. You start coming to grips that yes, it’s how you look -or don’t look- that brings you back time and again. You’re probably thinking how vain that sounds as you read this and certainly health should be your biggest motivator, but is it?

Next time you go to the gym look at how many people, regardless of age, take at least one selfie in the mirror. (Hint: It’s going to be closer to 100% than 0%) 

This is what happened to me. I was spending two to three hours at the gym per day, constantly looking in the mirror, telling myself and others it was all about health, and getting nowhere. 

Then I got real with myself and started asking myself some really tough questions.

How do those people do it? You know the ones; they’re walking in the gym eating a candy bar (not a protein bar), always looking lean as can be, seemingly not even looking like they’re putting in any effort to have what you have been striving for for years. Come to think of it, you seem to see those types getting ZERO personal training.

How does this happen?

The common, mainstream reasoning came as a flood: it has to be genetics; it has to be they were just born like that. Imagine how easy life would be if I was that “lucky,” you know, to have one of those low-maintenance bodies. It quickly dawned on me, however, that if I kept thinking this way all those platitudes about hard-work and dedication plastered on my social media will quickly make me look and feel like a hypocrite. I forced myself to congratulate them (internally), moved on with the rest of the workout, and disallowed the mind to think about what it would mean to have such control over the body’s looks. 

How is that the way it goes? *Brooding in a 2007 Nissan Versa

The drive home was not what it normally was, certainly not the endorphin-charged ride it had been in workout’s past. If I saw that person once I had seen him 100 times, but that day the thought of the fate of genetics just seemed like an incomplete story. 

Want to learn something?

It is an incomplete story. 

How many times has a chance meeting with someone changed your life for the better?

I met the person who helped me make small, seemingly insignificant tweaks that brought about massive measurable results in my weight loss and body composition in the summer of 2016. When we met, I told her how sick it was making me to spend hours in the gym just to look and feel the same. I was done blaming genetics and luck for not achieving the results I wanted. 

She empathetically agreed and offered her guidance.


Now, let’s pause this right here. This is where you may think the “trick” or “magic bullet” comes into play. You know, that one thing who fill in the blank doesn’t want you knowing about. 

I’m sorry, I just can’t do that.

If you’re looking for the product that the shirtless guy on the YouTube ad is pushing, just quit reading this blog altogether. 

There are no “tricks” or “magic bullets” to long-lasting, enduring weight loss. Most of what seems to be “too good to be true” usually is. There is a name for that shirtless guy mentioned above and likeminded snake oil salesman of a similar type that really hits the nail on the head: 

Yo-yo Diet Profiteer

Those villains will surely come up in later blog posts, but let’s move on to how all this may pertain to you


After agreeing to be my guide for my weight loss journey and, over time, seeing the forensic approach to weight loss she was using that was giving me the results I had been wanting, it slowly began to dawn on me that much of the information about weight loss is wrong. Actually, not just wrong, but intentionally misleading. 

Now if you are like me, you’re an individual who takes action; being passive, especially when there is a problem to be solved like weight loss, is just not who you are. When an idea initially sounds good, makes sense to you after some careful consideration, and seems to be an answer to the problem, you do not let the opportunity pass by. 

Type “A” all way, right?

Well, that Type “A” way had caused me to try a bunch of “diets” in the past that were pure snake oil. It’s going to sound embarrassing, but I tried just about everything under the sun for weight loss. 

I once switched out all my carbohydrates with beans six days per week, then binged on doughnuts one day per week, all at the whim of a book with a catchy title. 

*True story, seriously. For legal reasons I can’t mention the book or the author, but if we ever talk in person (I hope we do) ask me about that.

Passing good information onto you

Without boring you to death with one long thesis about all the details of effective, longterm, common sense weight loss, the plan is to take the same exact approach as my guide did. She didn’t just barrage me with a ton of information all at once, neither did she make me do some smoothie “detox” (whatever that means) or flush out “toxins” (whatever those are). Instead, as time progressed and positive results in weight loss were experienced, she answered questions as they arose and equipped me with the knowledge and science-backed strategy for my future. In other words, she helped me better understand how food affected my body in a common sense way that put me in control of how I look.  

I started Cornerstone Weight Loss with you and the many others I have already helped since 2017 in mind.

You’re sick of gimmicks. You’re weary of the yo-yo diet. You’re through with “lose 20 pounds in 20 days.” 

You seem to want longterm results in your weight loss program and the control to repeat the process without having to spend more time and money on yet another deception.  

I get it.

The Mission: To help you better understand how food affects your body in a common sense way that puts you in control of how you look. 

Whats next

The rest of the posts in this blog are dedicated to optimizing the half-decade of real-time research and experimentation done in search of the method that allows for you to have a life-changing impact on how you look. These posts on this Cornerstone Weight Loss blog will give you digestible insight on the forensic approach that will put you in the driver’s seat of your weight loss program and your life. 

This stuff is not easy to learn alone. It’s not something you can just half-heartedly think about and immediately put into practice.  

How has total control of anything been like that?

It’s going to take trial and error, a better understanding of your own body, and a willingness to learn the art of paying close attention. All essential components which seem to be missing in the contemporary, trendy, Yo-yo Diet Profiteer’s bag of tricks -or dare I say, deceptions.   

Now, I have to ask you to be patient with me here, but I’ve got a real problem. Maybe I’m out of my mind, and I’ll need you to tell me if I am, so please say so through email at mike@cornerstoneweightloss.com. What I’m about to say now and in the coming blog posts will seem self-serving, I understand that, but with your permission I’d like to tell you what I see, and together let’s see if it makes sense…

What’s keeping you from investing the effort into better understanding how food affects your body in a common sense way that will put you in control of how you look?

In order to get in touch with a professional who can help tailor your weight loss plan to you, click below, fill out the information, and a member of the Cornerstone Weight Loss team will reach out to you to get the results in weight loss you deserve.

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