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July 28, 2022by Mike Phoutrides0

2 Veggies That Destroy Stomach Fat 

How many times have you clicked on something like this and felt disappointment?

It sounds like blog posts and articles with titles like 2 Veggies That Destroy Stomach Fat Overnight increase your distrust in the weight loss community. 

If you have been reading the Cornerstone Weight Loss Blog for a time you know that the title of this short blog post is out of character. 

All of the blog posts you will read here are full of substance. They are geared to help you better understand how food affects your body in a common sense way that will put you in control of how you look.

Click-bait is not something that is found here.

By clicking on this, however, it seems like you have some stomach fat that needs destroying. It’s going to sound like you’re being judged, but it looks like you’re also looking for a short cut to ridding yourself of your excess body fat.

This is understandable.

Sorry, aside from surgery, there are no shortcuts. 

After reading this blog post, you’ll be able to understand that there are ways to destroy stomach fat. You’ll learn that there are principles behind weight loss and that short cuts and secrets don’t really exist like you may think. 

You will be wiser in your weight loss endeavors after reading this.

Fat Middle Aged Man 

Getting older is tough. Many middle agers speak about joint pain and overall discomfort. Additionally, middle agers who allow themselves to stay out of shape tend to go on a sharper downward trajectory in vitality. 

According to this peer-reviewed article:

“Reports of frequent fatigue were associated with poorer physical performance in early old age, especially if sustained from mid to later life.”

This can be a difficult challenge. As you age, what used to be easy becomes more complex due to the growing number of aches and pains. As the discomfort grows, the tendency to keep yourself in shape diminishes. Additionally, there comes a point where the gulf between where you know you ought to be physically and where you are gets so large, hope seems lost. 

This is one of the points where click-bait sounding articles catch your eye. They seem to give you a little taste of hope that you’ve been without for so long.

Sorry, but it’s a lie.

How to Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine 

This is not an easy task, however it is simple.

In order to lose that stomach fat you’re going to need to be in an energy deficit.

An energy deficit means that you expend more energy than you take in.

Next time you see a food’s nutrition label, the calories (kcal) are the units of measure that account for the total energy of that food.

*Side note: calories on nutrition labels are derived from the energy stored in the macronutrients fat, carbohydrate, and protein. You can also better understand them by visiting the link above after reading this blog post.

In order to achieve weight loss and lose body fat, the energy you burn throughout your day must be greater than than the energy (calories) you consume. 

Do that, and your body will inevitably turn into the fat burning machine you seek.

Adding 2 veggies that destroy stomach fat will do nothing for your weight loss if you’re consuming more energy than you expend.

Please Help Me Lose Weight, I’m Desperate

Many people like you feel this way. 

There is so much misinformation that guides you in the wrong direction. 

It seems like so many snake oil selling Yo-yo Diet Profiteers throw their nonsense at you without mercy. As soon as you learn the hard way and lose a bunch of time and money, another sucker comes to take your place.

Afterward you’re left vexed and unsure if you will ever achieve your weight loss goal.

If you’re finished with the click bait.

If you finally understand that there ARE NOT 2 veggies that destroy stomach fat.

If you get that there aren’t any non-surgical short-cuts to weight loss.

If you’re fed up with people who pretend achieving weight loss is a secret.

Please click here as a directory for your weight loss journey.

It’s free information that you can use to better understand how food affects your body in a common sense way that will put you in control of how you look. 

If you need help from a professional and are willing to take that chance to trust a weight loss professional again, please read below.

At Cornerstone Weight Loss we help you better understand how food affects your body in a common sense way that will put you in control of how you look. In order to get in touch with a professional who can help tailor your weight loss plan to you, click below, fill out the information, and a member of the Cornerstone Weight Loss team will reach out to you to get the results in weight loss you deserve.



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