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April 26, 2022by Mike Phoutrides0

When you think about weight loss, what comes to mind?

Your answer will be unique to you and your experiences, desires, and expectations, so painting that picture for you is not the aim of this blog post. 

What this short blog post will give you is insight in what you can achieve in your weight loss journey. 

This is a small, baby step in reframing your thoughts around what you can achieve in weight loss by joining Cornerstone Weight Loss in a shared vision of kept promises, realistic expectations, and lasting solutions for your future. 

You will be able to use this as a directory for many of your weight loss questions that have been previously answered in past blog posts.

Your Weight Loss Information Directory

First things first, let’s keep the promise for the weight loss question directory. The most important thing is you getting the weight loss information you deserve, then we’ll move on.

Cornerstone Weight Loss is physically located in beautiful Clearwater, FL, but reaching people who need weight loss help anywhere can be achieved thanks to the many communication tools available and accessibility to the internet.

Use this directory as a buffet. Take what you need and leave the rest. You can also eat it all! 

*Side note: this buffet won’t lose money if you do decide to eat it all.

How to Begin: for those of you new to weight loss, this seems like a mystery, but it isn’t

Cheat Days: what foods you should never go without

Macronutrients: everything you need to know about macros, ones that count and ones that don’t

Fiber: what it is, what kind’s there are, why you need it, and how much to eat (There are three parts to this FYI)

Weight Loss Plateaus: not normally discussed when you first start with many weight loss professionals, get the information before you begin your weight loss journey and have better longterm success

Low Calorie Challenges: once you’ve been losing weight, things get fuzzy (visually, sometimes). It’s normal and here’s how to fight back

Your Bathroom Scale Battle: sometimes the scale doesn’t move and here’s how to mentally get through it

Alcohol and Weight Loss: alcohol is not your friend for your weight loss journey, here’s why

How do you feel about sharing a vision together?

If you’re still reading this blog post, then it looks like you have been helped by, or have seen the value in, the information above.

The mission of Cornerstone Weight Loss is to help you better understand how food affects your body in a common sense way that will put you in control of how you look.

It seems like the principles behind weight loss should be clearly explained by those who know and practice them. Over the years, however, these principles have been purposely made confusing by those we have named Yo-yo Diet Profiteers. These gurus artfully wrap lies around the truth and make it seem that there is some sort of magic around weight loss.

Some of their “magic” can be in the form of pills, detoxes, fasts, cleanses, secret super foods, supplements, special ingredients, on and on…

What these Yo-yo Diet Profiteers actually do is keep you hooked on their nonsense and create a relationship of dependance. The more garbage they feed you (sell you) the more you think you need it. Their “magic” works for the first stages of weight loss, but leaves you hanging when it comes to bringing your weight loss goal to completion.

The vision

The vision being shared with you today is one of independence. Your life is your story, and you’re the one who gets things done in your story, not some guru. 

Some of these gurus require you just go along with their program without question. 

Where does their authority come from, some YouTube ad of a shirtless dude with washboard abs holding a pizza in one hand and a salad in the other?

How are you, the director of your life, supposed to follow that?  

Now, this may be crazy and unrealistic. This may be pie-in-the-sky dreaming. You may mock what you’re about to read and you may even pity anyone associated with Cornerstone Weight Loss for their over-zealous goals.

The vision is to equip you to be able independently achieve your weight loss goals. This is achieved through a relatively short partnership with a professional who uses a science-backed, forensic approach to help you better understand the principles of weight loss as they pertain to you and your body.

When you’re finished using Cornerstone Weight Loss and its professionals, you should have such a robust understanding of how food affects your body that you will be able to take control of how you look, forever. 

The stance on repeat business

It seems odd that Cornerstone Weight Loss has a vision that does not involve “client retention” and that makes sense to question.

The bottom line is this: there are billions of people in the world. That’s a lot of people to help. It just doesn’t seem to make sense to hold on to those of you who are well equipped to be independent in their future weight loss endeavors.

That being said, once you partner with Cornerstone Weight Loss you will not be denied more help if you feel like you need it. There are many who come back after hitting their weight loss goal simply for the support and partnership. 

Will you share the vision?

You’re probably seeing that Cornerstone Weight Loss is different than the rest. The need to help you better understand how food affects your body so you can be independently in control of your weight supersedes filling the coffers with cash. 

The final part of this blog post is on you.

Are you someone who wishes to be dependent on someone else? Do you like it when you pay people for a service and they keep vital information from you? Do you like being in the dark about how weight loss actually works?

If you answered “no” to the questions above,

how will you share the vision with us?

At Cornerstone Weight Loss we help you better understand how food affects your body in a common sense way that will put you in control of how you look. In order to get in touch with a professional who can help tailor your weight loss plan to you, click below, fill out the information, and a member of the Cornerstone Weight Loss team will reach out to you to get the results in weight loss you deserve.

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